Sex Chat Operator

Sex chat operator. Although it is every man's fantasy it is ridiculous for anyone to believe that a man can get paid to talk dirty to a woman for the simple reason that women get flooded with offers for adult fun - far more than they need or want - and they can sell this to the guy. So for guys who are frustrated and lacking a good love life this is not the answer.

The people who usually do this do it purely for the money and they are typically students, young stay at home moms, old age pensioners and bored housewives. People who are not equipped to go out into the World and work full time, or leave the house to go elsewhere or lack the needed qualifications or skills to go and do anything else that pays well. Some of them are in debt or scraping by and just needing a few more pounds or dollars to help them to meet the bills. If you spoke to 100 of these you would find that maybe three out of the hundred think it is quite funny and a bit of a laugh while the others do it purely under sufference for the money. Many of these become so shocked and disgusted by some of the things the men say or ask for that they tire of it and do not bother any more, preferring to go without luxuries or find the money elseewhere. So you can see it would be ridiculous to ask them to pay the man.

Financially right now a typical line charges the customer 35 pence per minute out of which between 10 pence and 15 pence goes to the girl. Usually the girl gets say 10 pence when they answer the phone and start chatting. They reckon that the calls average three minutes. If you can keep the punter talking for at least five then your rate may go from 10 pence a minute to 11 pence a minute. If you can keep them on for a long time it rises eventuallyt to maybe 15 pence a minute. But when you work it all out the most you can ever earn is approximately £9.00 per hour even if you are working at four o'clock in the morning and you will only get this sum if you are on the hone for that whole hour. Do not begrudge this, the line has to pay admin staff to sit in the office, to sort out shifts and staff etc. But their main expense is the part they have to hand over to the premium rate people and their advertising. A tiny advertisement can cost hundreds of pounds. Hence they will expect you to be willing to work some odd hours because a lot of staff want to avoid odd hours like evenings and weekends and if you are the same as them they may lose interest. It is normal to be waiting for a long time before you get a call and then it is a two minute call, so this is not what you do if you prefer going out and are able to or if earning a lot of money is important to you.

If you are a delicate flower who hates swearing and dirty talk this is not for you. If you are easily shocked this is not for you. If you are NOT broadminded and willing to get stick in and hear lots of men have orgasms and be quite crude towards you then this is not for you. If you do not know much about sex then this is not for you! And it is only women who do this, men have to pay for it. Men are the clients and women sell the service. Most women would refuse to do this even if paid so they are not going to end up paying the man for it.

Age does not matter as the lines usually tell you what your next client is lookkng for. Something along the lines of "pretend to be a blonde with long hair and pretend to be aged 25" and you will forever be changing your age and details to fit in with the next client's needs! Just as you might be asked to be into anal with one and domination with another. From the few ladies I have chatted to about this the biggest "problem" they say they had when they did it was that a lot of the men nag the women to meet them. Of course, those women would be mad to meet them and have no reason to want to. Getting paid for a quick chat is quite different to spending hours with someone - especially when unpaid. But some of them turn very nasty when turned down and then complain to the head office or try hard to upset them in some way. Head office will tell all of their girls NOT to meet the men because they are concerned they will be in trouble for selling prostitutes if any of the girls meet the men who phone.  Sex chat operator.

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