Sales Work at Home

Sales work at home uk. If you have a pleasant and friendly manner, with some charm, a nice personality, a laid back but assertive manner and a decisive nature then this may well be for you. More and more firms are now looking for people to be available to them from their own base because it means they do not have to pay for offices for them to sit in, nor do they have to heat that office, it saves them a lot of time and money and is far more practical for them if you are available to them and on their payroll but from your own base.

As with everything there are downsides to this. One is that if you are sitting at home alone for forty hours a week and you are a person who likes company you mind find this rather solitary and lonely. You could then be tempted to want to start later and finish earlier and in the end not get much if anything done. There is another factor. Because there are a lot of unemployed people around and so many who want to be based in their own place these companies often try to take advantage. If they want you to do basic phone answering they will pay you very little. It is only when they are asking you to sell something expensive and important or gain vital leads for them that they get the moths out of their wallet and pay you a decent wage. You might think that this is mean and in a way it is but this is how business works. To them it is all about the bottom line, making as much profit as possible. If you are indispensible to them and you do the job far better than anyone else then they will pay you well.

You cannot train someone to be good at selling. Either they have that personality or they do not. A good one has the killer instinct and knows how to charm people and get around them. You have to tell them about the products and services and how much to pass them on for but the way they do it and being able to do it has to come from them. If you are born with that ability you will know it. It is a good idea to think about if you are good with people before you apply for anything like this.
Many sales people are not honest and will tell a potential customer anything they want to hear to get a sale but this backfires on them when they get taken to court or the word gets around that they cannot be trusted.

If you are on the search for leads then the person who gets the leads after is the real wise guy. You are just doing the easy bit, so they will get heaps more than you. Getting leads requires a lot of patience because it can mean ringing dozens of people who are rude to you or slam the phone down on you before you get a sniff of interest and you will no doubt be paid according to how well you do not by how much time you are doing it. If you spend a whole day ringing people and do not get one lead you will not get paid anything.  At the moment there are a lot of people ringing strangers trying to get leads for P.P.I and solar panels. But there are so many of them - far too many - so customers get fed up with it and hang up. But a lot of customers are not interested in talking to anyone who is doing cold calling anyway.  So remember before you take on such a role that if you are calling people about something where the market is already saturated and where people are fed up with hearing about it you are not going to do well. The company employing people to get leads do not care if it takes you a whole week to get just one. It is not their problem if you take a whole week to earn a tiny amount.

It is also a good idea to look at how some items are more geared to men and others to women. If you are trying to sell make up or beauty products this might sound odd coming from a male just as someone who is selling insurance, boats, cars etc might be expected to be male it would appear odd if a woman rang. Look too to how some products are more expensive and pay more commission or more per lead and these are the ones to go for but they will also take more persuasion to succeed. Some of the information here relates to the UK. Sales work at home.

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