Best Jobs for Women

Best jobs for women -What would you say is an ideal job for a female? Some dream of being an actress, others a model or writer, others a big business owner who can throw their weight about. The more unusual ones tend to think of being a scientist or saving the World and the eccentric and jazzy ones would love to become musicians, singers and play wrights. The trouble with all of those is that is hard or impossible to get into and it can take over your life. You are not your own person anymore, you can be sitting at home minding your own business and there are reporters outside waiting for you to come out to photograph you and asking your friends about you and offering them money if they divulge your secrets. It is also impossible to do any of these on a part time basis. You have to do it all the time or not at all. And that does not mean from 9 am till 5 pm it means all of the time, often till midnight and often seven days a week.

But there is a way you can make your mark on the World and do something quite different without it taking over your life and without it meaning that you have people snooping into your business all of the time. You can be in the public eye without people invading all of your private space and encroaching on you. Do what I do, become an advice columnist and work for this site. It is a great way to have a more interesting life whilst at the same time being able to be your own person and control how many hours you give to it. If you pursue it you can end up on the radio and television liike I did. If you prefer not to you just do not. There are shy ones and there are extrovert ones. Some who get into this line of work are shy and only want to be available from a distance. Others are confident with bags of personality and shine when with others.

I am always looking out for a sharp and compassionate person to join my team of advisors and invite you to apply if you are. It pays extremely well and it is a fascinating position. If you are curious about exactly what it entails and whether or not it is for you then please feel free to read up more about it, which you can do here. There is no obligation either way, we will not even know you were here reading it. Nobody will contact you nagging you to do this or that! But I would urge you to have a look because it might be ideal for you and you might be ideal for me. You would be working online so we already know that is not a problem for you.

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Best Jobs for Women UK.

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