Agony Aunt Job

What is an agony aunt job? Some see it as a wise woman who lives in a tiny cave away from the rest of the World who waits and waits for her chance to give them desperately needed wisdom and advice. In the meantime she sits and sits waiting. But I very much doubt that a person who is so wise would allow her life to become so empty, lonely and boring and anyway if she just sat there giving free advice all of the time how would she know anything about the advice she was giving? She would know nothing about falling in love or marriage so would not understand these situations. And no matter how wise she was she would need money to pay for food and clothes and the other necessities in life. It must be everyone's fantasy that therfe is a wise and wonderful totally selfless person sitting and waiting to service them when they want it, but it is a very selfish arrangement which is not fair to the other person, nor possible in real life.

It reminds me very much of the scenario where a married man thinks he will find a woman who is gullible enough to wait by the phone ready to meet him when he can escape from his wife for a few hours for free casual sex. Lots in it for the married man but nothing at all in it for the woman, she is better off waiting for a single guy. Now can you imagine if the woman in the cave was being asked for advice about that and she had never been chatted up by a married guy or gone out with one. She would have no idea at all!  Someone who is good at selling guidance has to be someone who is experienced in relationships and life as well as knowledgeable and wise.

But working as a professional one is another story. They get well paid by magazines and newspapers and even better if they appear on television. Claire Rayner was one of the most well known and she started off as a nurse then going on to this. She was sensible, experienced in Worldly matters and caring, the perfect combination. Anyone who is caring and sensible should consider this work. But how do they get into it? It is no good them setting up their own website if nobody has ever heard of them, nobody would trust their advice, even if it was free! The best way forward is to get a job starting at the bottom of the ladder and working up. Train under someone established where you are a paid junior. Or work for a site that is already known and trusted. That way you are doing the job but not having to worry about how to get clients to trust you or how to get clients at all. Nor are you wasting your money on setting up the site or a lot of time on optimising it and getting it to be search engjne friendly. In the UK we call them aunts but in the USA and many other places advice columnists.

When you run such a business the actual advice is just a small part of it. Just as with any business a lot of time goes to the rest. So to set up your own business you need a lot of time and a lot of skills. This is a great vacancy for someone seeking employment where they concentrate on the actual chore and not all the dross that goes with it.

To find out how to become one and work part time at this and get such a job go to - CLICK HERE.

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